Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Services

Pinpoint the vulnerabilities and risks in your systems, applications, procedures, policies, information security defences and IT infrastructure.

Gap Analysis

The scope of our Gap Analysis report is clearly defined and covers every part of your operations. We will:

  • Review your current security practices and tools and compare them against relevant regulatory mandates and industry standards
  • Conduct personal interviews with relevant employees to uncover how your procedures, policies, and processes are implemented and used day-to-day
  • Review relevant documents that describe your current risk mitigation and security practices, including privacy policies, security procedures, and hardware and software documentation
  • Carry out a physical inventory of your systems using the latest software tools to audit the wired and wireless devices and software currently on your network, and to identify any unauthorised connections or devices
  • Check your security defences including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and security software
  • Test application vulnerabilities including web applications
  • Review and analyse your systems for optimised implementation of security measures including identification of problem areas such as mis-configurations

With this comprehensive report, you will gain a complete understanding of your current security gaps and compliance status, and receive prioritised recommendations to remedy them and mitigate the risks.

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