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Do you need help to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Data Privacy

General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) presents an opportunity for organisations to understand the key risks associated with personal data and establish privacy-driven design principles into their business operations. Our data protection services help you at every stage of the GDPR compliance readiness process – from identifying personal data, to helping you facilitate an understanding of privacy within your organisation and spreading awareness about the legislation, and to building a roadmap and assisting in all aspects of remediation and compliance with GDPR.

We will:

  • Perform a data protection impact assessment to measure the impact to your business of the failure to protect personal data in accordance with GDPR, enabling you to systematically analyse a particular project or system
  • Use our GDPR Health check to help you define, map and protect your personal data so that you can prepare for life under GDPR
  • Provide strategy & remediation support to help you with risk assessments, roadmaps and all aspects of remediation and compliance with GDPR
  • Perform a data mapping exercise to help you identify, classify and discover data in your organisation
  • Organise GDPR awareness workshops to facilitate an understanding of privacy and GDPR legislative changes in your organisation
  • Perform GDPR compliance assessments for Cloud to assess the privacy risks that are associated with the use of cloud-based applications in your organisation

If you would like to develop new plans for business continuity and disaster recovery, we will:

  • Work with you to develop plans that are functional, effective and customised to your needs
  • Design and implement the technical infrastructure that fulfils your plan requirements

Either way, we work with you to establish a plan for proactively avoiding disasters, reducing the impacts should one occur, and for helping your business return to normal as quickly as possible. And we provide this concerted and well-developed effort without breaking the budget!

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