Cyber Awareness for Children

Cyber Awareness for Children

As part of its CSR, Sigmatak has been running film making competitions for children aged 11-16 to help promote internet safety.

Watch the Winning Entries

The Letterbox

by Charlotte Thomas (Winner 2014)

Awarded an Apple iMac

This film highlights the dangers of the Internet and makes a great comparison to the equivalent dangers from the real world. It addresses the issue of our inability to treat cyber security as we do physical security.


by Lewis Poulter (Winner 2013)

Awarded an Apple iPad

Stick-man safety highlights some online dangers and offers valuable tips for a safer online experience. Each tip is short and snappy to keep the viewer engaged. It maintains simplicity in delivering the key message.

Watch the Runners Up

Who's Watching

by Ella Wood

This film follows a teenage girl being stalked after she posts online on her public twitter account her exact plans for where she is going the next day. It highlights the negative impact if online privacy is neglected.

Don't be Fred

by Timothy Guest

This film explores online stranger danger in an imaginative way. It shows Fred receiving a friend request from a stranger. It's a cautionary tale of the dangers when the stranger is not who they claim to be.

The Ghost of Common Sense

by Luke Jones

This film highlights the dangers of giving out personal information like bank account details or posting messages on social media about being on holidays. It also highlights that one should not believe everything online.


by Christian, Jonel, Mariam, Valentina

A Grandpa poses using his grandson's Facebook profile. Will this serve as a reminder for Jess to keep her information safe? The film shows how strangers may manipulate in order to meet up in the real world.

Comeback Bunny

by Fatma, Gabriel, Stephanie

This film shows stranger danger resulting from the use of a mobile phone application. Internet games can draw children into a fantasy, and this can be a way for strangers to steal personal information from vulnerable children.

ID Fraudester

by Lemuel, Milan, Alemide

James' phone is taken. This film gives clear tips on what can be done so that a phone cannot be used by people to steal information. Learn the tips to ensure this does not happen to you.

esafety esafety

by James Armitage

This film highlights some of the issues involved in e-safety. A number of different topics have been included which children should be aware of so that they do not become victims of phishing or cyber bullying.

Dangers of the Internet

by James Layton, Chris Nix, Depesh Bhardwa, Jaib Gill

This film highlights important issues to consider when using a computer. Useful tips are offered which may help to prevent misuse. By highlighting some of the safety issues, the film makers hope to encourage a safer experience.

Amy's Future

by Chantelle Hunter

This film shows the dilemma that all teenagers may face when making friends online and highlights appropriate warning of potential risks they may encounter if they are careless with who they add as a friend.

Internet Issues

by Charlotte Hall

This film focuses on cyber bullying and gives the viewer an idea of how to recognise it. Cyber bullying can be a cause for depression in children. The film offers tips on what may done to keep safe.


by Foonyin Lai

This film provides some insight to phishing emails. How to recognise phishing emails with some examples using annotations and general hints and tips.


by Matthew Domhof

This film provides and introduction to hacking. Why hacking is important to information security. How a hacker could gain access to private information such as bank account details and passwords.

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