Security Strategy & Policy

Security Strategy and Policy Services

Develop, establish and maintain effective and efficient security strategies and policies.

Security Strategy and Policy

You need to carry out best practice in security in order to stay competitive, meet your compliance requirements and mitigate any risks that may lie ahead.

Our security professionals can help you to design and implement comprehensive security strategies that support your business objectives:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identify key assets
  • Compile an inventory of sensitive information, physical security, network security, security in systems development, user education and compliance
  • Establish sound security policies aligned with global and local industry standards
  • Identify the most effective risk mitigation and regulatory compliance options
  • Implement methods for simplifying ongoing analysis, management and reporting
  • Review existing policy frameworks against business requirements for security
  • Audit existing policy against PCI and ISO/IEC 27001 for evidence of compliance
  • Develop and author a structured policy framework
  • Author new policies and revise existing policies
  • Develop and author supporting procedures to ensure security supports your key business processes

We will develop a strategy that includes both immediate actions and longer-term objectives.

We also work with you to communicate our recommendations clearly to the people they affect, with executive summaries for your decision-makers and include necessary details for your technical staff.

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