Security Compliance Audit Education

Risk Assessment

"In-depth review of your policies, practices and systems,
to pinpoint areas of risk and vulnerabilities, and to identify
the most cost-effective approaches to risk reduction."

Risk Assessment

We go beyond basic risks and vulnerabilities by incorporating a top-down business view of your organisation coupled with bottom-up analysis of your operations.

We work with you to :

  • Determine your business objectives, goals and constraints.
  • Identify the risks of greatest concern within your industry, and the regulatory compliance and governance requirements that apply.
  • Carry out in-depth 'best-practice' review of your operations, security systems, policies and controls.
  • Interview your staff to establish whether they are adhering to your security policies, gaps they have identified and problems they experience.
  • Check whether your security documentation is up-to-date, complete and understandable.
  • Recommend any necessary technical security assessments such as penetration testing, web application testing and others.

After our assessment, you will :

  • Know where your business is most at risk.
  • Recognise your current information security profile.
  • Understand existing security gaps, risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Be aware of regulations and standards that apply.
  • Find out how your risks could impact your strategic, operational and financial objectives.
  • Receive practical risk mitigation recommendations, ranked by cost and effort.

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