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Interactive Online Training Course For GDPR - Contact Us To Enrol

Author: Tahir Alvi

In collaboration with one of our partners, Sigmatak is now offering online Data Protection training.  This online training has been created in light of the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Many of you may know already that the general data protection regulation (GDPR) took a major leap forward recently.  On December 16 2015, the European Union reached political agreement on the Data Protection Reform package.  The final text will be formally adopted by the European Parliament and Council at the beginning of 2016. 

This is the biggest change in EU data protection law in 20 years.  When approved, it will become law in 2018 across all 28 EU Member States and will supersede inconsistent laws across the EU Member States.

GDPR will require substantial work to assess the risk and implement new requirements before it enters into force.  The package introduces substantial new individual rights and penalties for violations of those rights.  Companies which break the rules could face: fines of up to 4% of annualturnover; mandatory notification of "serious" breaches to the relevant national supervisory authority; a single regulator for multi-national companies regardless of HQ location; and the need to meet "right to be forgotten" and "right to data portability” rules by large internet service providers. 

Sigmatak is offering key services to help companies meet compliance with GDPR.  One of our service is the recently launched interactive online training course.  This is a fantastic interactive platform with live support from the course tutor and a lawyer.   We are also offering onsite training as well as consultancy.  Contact us so we may understand your requirements and provide you with the optimal support to help you on your journey to become compliant.