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How to Sponsor

"Find out the benefits of sponsoring
our film competition initiative."

How to Sponsor in our Film Competition

Sponsorship has 3 main categories : Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Sponsorship can be either financial sponsorship or a combination of financial sponsorship and value in kind (VIK).

Value in Kind may take the form of, for example :

  • Helping to assess competition entries
  • Helping to promote the film competition
  • Offering Prizes
  • Providing manpower support to help with various film competition activities. If it is useful to us, we will consider it as VIK.

We will also link organisations together to provide more complex VIK.

Sponsorship Costs (all + VAT) :

  • Silver : £500
  • Gold : £1000
  • Platinum : £2000

We have special packages for Academia and Affiliate organisations and for those organisations that just wish to give prizes. If you are interested in sponsoring the film competition, please contact :