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Sigmatak Film Competition 2013

"We had a great response to our first film competition
on the theme of internet safety. Watch the winning entry
and runners up here."

Film Competition 2013

Sigmatak had a great response to its first film competition on the theme of internet safety. 11-16 year olds were invited to create short films to highlight the dangers of internet use and the measures that may be taken for a safer online experience.

Winner 2013

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2013 Sigmatak Film Competition. Lewis Poulter's Esafety film was highly praised by our judges.

Lewis Poulter being presented with the iPad prize by Sigmatak director Tahir Alvi.

Esafety (Winner 2013) by Lewis Poulter (Aged 15)

My film is called stick-man safety. It highlights the importance of internet safety which is important in order to keep people safe while using the internet. In my film I included tips that I felt were important to learning e-safety. Rather than focusing on just one e-safety topic I thought that using multiple tips would teach the viewers more about e-safety.

I tried to make the film as interesting as possible whilst maintaining its simplicity in order to get the message of the e-safety tips across. To make the message clear I aimed to make it look aesthetically pleasing and bright. I think that this film will attract the target audience because as it is not too long and dragged out, each of the different tips are short and snappy to keep you engaged. I am very proud of my own effort in the making of this film, and hope that it helps to keep people safe.

Runners Up 2013

esafety esafety by James Armitage (Aged 15)

The idea for the film originally came from a short poem I had thought of about e-safety, I read it to the teacher who said I should add more verses and then record some scenes to go with the song. The idea of the film is to highlight some of the issues involved in e-safety. I have included a number of different topics which I thought teenagers should know about and could become a victim of phishing and cyber bullying.

I think it will appeal to the target audience because it covers a range of problems that teenagers face with IT and I think the use of original poem/song just adds a little bit of fun to it.

Dangers of the Internet by James Layton, Chris Nix, Depesh Bhardwa, Jaib Gill (Aged 15)

Our film 'The Dangers Of The Internet' is a short movie which highlights important facts about things that can happen to your computer. As well as mentioning things that happens it also includes information and useful tips which people can follow to prevent any bad things happening to their laptop / computer.

The topic we choose is important because not everybody that uses a computer or laptop knows how to use it safely and that can be a real security issue if they use features like online banking where they could be at risk. We purely think that by at least mentioning some of the safety issues that anyone can make sure they are safe online.

Amy's Future by Chantelle Hunter (Aged 14)

Amy is a 14 year old girl that has over a thousand "friends" on her online account. She does not see the harm in this. A friend with the same name that added her online warns her as to problems she could face in sharing personal details. But who is this new friend? And why would she bother warning Amy about her online activities?

The film was made to promote responsible use online for teenagers in a fun way to get the message across. With the assistance of the ICT teacher the film was made to incorporate the use of ICT and performing arts in to this project.

The script, acting and computer effects are solely the work of the 4 students named in the credits as part of a social project for the Sigmatak competition to promote internet safety 2013.

As a film made by teenagers for teenagers this film meets the issues that all teenagers face when making friends on line giving an appropriate warning of potential risks they may face if they are careless as to who they add as a friend.

Internet Issues by Charlotte Hall (Aged 12)

My film entry explains the problems that can occur when using the internet. It especially focuses on cyber bullying and gives the viewer an idea of how to recognise it. In the beginning I personally explain problems with using the internet. I then tell a story about a new girl called Jade whose best friend has gone away and left her alone with her new friends. Throughout the middle of the film I show a conversation between Jade and a new friend online.

In the ending I give 4 simple steps to staying safe on the internet and I explain what you should do if you are being cyber bullied. I think cyber bullying is an important aspect of internet safety because it can make people very depressed and cause some major disasters. You need to be aware of what you can do if you feel you are being cyber bullied.

I also believe that my video will attract the target audience because it is informative and very realistic. It tells you about the issues you can find on the internet and what you can do to resolve them.

Phishing by Foonyin Lai (Aged 14)

At the beginning, phishing examples are shown before the viewer is given a few facts about phishing such as the fact that half of users say they do not recognise a Phishing message. Then two phishing examples are given with annotations explaining why it is a phishing. Finally, there are general hints on how to spot a phish.

I chose the topic of phishing because it affects many people worldwide yet 1 in 2 cannot spot an example of phishing.

The film will appeal to the target audience because it is exciting and fast-paced yet educative and informative.

Hacking by Matthew Domhof (Aged 13)

The video starts with me talking to my sister about a rabbit that she is going to get, in which she mentions its name, Tigger, numerous times. I then go on to detail ways in which a computer user can protect themselves from hacking.

Hacking is important to information security, as it means that the hacker can gain access to private information such as bank account details and passwords.

I think the film will appeal to the target audience as it is not overly deep, and they can relate to the people in the conversation (my sister and I) as we are the same age as the target audience.

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