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Sigmatak Film Competition

"As part of its CSR, Sigmatak has been running
film making competitions for children aged 11-16
to help promote internet safety."

Sigmatak Film Competition

As internet usage becomes the norm among children, so does the risk of these children becoming targets of predators or fraudsters. It is important to empower children through innovative internet safety education activities from an early age so that internet safety becomes instinctive.

We have been running our Film competition since 2013 and it has proved to be an excellent platform for promoting internet safety as well as helping the participants to develop confidence, leadership, communication and collaborative skills, which will all be beneficial to them in the future.

Watch the winning entries and the runners up and find out how you can help and how together we can play a leading role to address the dangers that young people face online to better help them to stay safe.

Film Competition 2014

After the success last year, the Sigmatak Film Competition ran again in 2014 with a bigger prize of an Apple Imac, 11-16 year olds were invited to create a film choosing from one of the following themes :

Privacy : What is Privacy and why does it matter... Read More

Film Competition 2013

Sigmatak had a great response to its first film competition on the theme of internet safety. 11-16 year olds were invited to create short films to highlight the dangers of internet use and the measures that may be taken for a safer online experience.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the... Read More

Become a Sponsor

The Sigmatak Film Competition operates primarily through sponsorship. It is a way for organisations to play a leading role in addressing the dangers that young people face online.

By supporting our work, organisations can help in making internet safety instinctive. Our work will help to... Read More

Current Sponsors

We would like to give a special thanks to all current and past sponsors of the Sigmatak Film Competition. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with current, past and new sponsors... Read More

How to Sponsor

Sponsorship has 3 main categories : Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Sponsorship can be either financial sponsorship or a combination of financial sponsorship and value in kind (VIK).

Value in Kind may take the form of, for... Read More